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I've indulged in traditional genealogical research since 1989.
At the beginning of the 2000s I bought my first research program, and in 2005 I moved approx. 60 000 people details to the Sukujutut program.
Traditional computer-aided genealogy is now behind approx. 15 years and the amount of data has already grown to approx. 392 000 people.
I get e-mails every day from my website visitors. During the 10 years of my pages have been visited approx. 550 000 visitors.

To support the traditional genealogical research I did in March 2015 the fmDNA test and the results began to come in early June.

My haplogroup is H27

40% Finnish women and 44% of women in Europe belongs to the haplogroup H, which is divided into several haplogroup.
Haplogroup H is from the Western Asia, the origin is more than 35 000 years ago.
Today, haplogroup H is most of the population of the Basque Country in northern Spain and southern France.

Prussian Renaissance astronomer
Nikolaus Kopernikus fmDNA is also H27.

Through the Family Finder 23/03/2016 I have 1970 distant cousins and 35 mtDNA cousins.
Closest of them is 5th -cousins and CM is > 170.
Now, I have also ordered kit for my brother, which allows the male line survives
Also, to clarify the child's father line is coming a test kit for my son.
When theresults of the both test comes, have I track and report on the results for 16 people.

Analysising of the results is not yet clear for me, so I will prefer yet to focus on cousin hits the conclusion of all 16 of the person concerned.