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links are paths from my forefathers to my family.
The first link (Kotisaari)  is my fathers family. The
following links are my mothers forefathers
Some of those links are very large, so it can take some time to get them open. And some links have only few families.



Jooseppi Pekanpoika Aho b. in the early 1600 (fff ancestors)

Tahvo (Staffen) Aho b. 1679 (fmf ancestors)

Tuomas Matinpoika Liikanen, Pätsi b. about 1670 (mmf ancestors)

Yrjö Johans Leinonen b. 1688 (mmm ancestors)

Michael Sigfridinpoika Jämsä b. about 1590 (mf ancestors)

Enevald Kolkko-Hiitemä  (mf = Lauris grandmamas ancestors)

Petrus Michaelis Arctophilacius b. 1579 (Calamnius-clans ancestors)

 Nicolaus Nicolai Ulopolitanus b. 1605 (Tornberg -clans ancestors)

Erik Ångerman b. 1480

Martti Ignatius b. 1715 (Tapio Koivula´s (my husband) ancestors)

Other remarkable relatives

13. cousin after Erik Ångerman; Sigurd Frosterus, whose  mainwork was to plan department store Stockmann (my working place) in Helsinki.

13. cousin after Erik Ångerman; Erkki Kairamo worked in team, which  planed the new expansion to Stockmann.

13. cousin after Erik Ångerman; Eugen Schauman, who shot general governor Bobrikov.

Well known Calamnius descendants